Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WIAW - Tuesday and Most of Wednesday

Hey everyone! I did it! I photographed my meals yesterday for you to see today. I'm still not feeling great so my appetite is still kind of low but I am making sure I get three meals in. Leaving a lot of time in between helps me to digest and get hungry so hopefully this will help me feel normal again. I also started my lemon water yesterday and so far it has been working out pretty well! I actually can't wait to make fruit infused vitamin water in the summer when all the good stuff is back in season ;)

Anyway, here is what I ate yesterday. I didn't photograph the lemon water but I did drink a huge glass of it… probably a 32 oz sized cup. I drank half before breakfast and finished it with breakfast.

For breakfast I had my favorite… oatmeal! With cinnamon, ground flax seeds and a banana.

I had it in my new bowl! Isn't it the cutest?! I got it from the Target Dollar Spot… for $3. Go figure. Worth every penny though.

For lunch I made this delicious sandwich! I toasted a bagel and spread a thick layer of Isa's Hummus for Sandwiches from Veganomicon and topped with basil and sun dried tomato. This is one of my favorite sandwiches. I love it.

For dinner I decided to make a little gluten free pasta. I added some spinach, nutritional yeast and a teeny bit of earth balance. It was good. I made extra to bring to work for lunch today.

PS. check out all the carbs today. Sorry not sorry.

I have been having major apple and pear cravings lately. They have been my favorite night time snack. last night I had a small honeycrisp apple. So good.

For breakfast this morning I made some Ezekiel toast with hummus, basil and sun dried tomato. I had a small apple on the side. I got through one and a half pieces of toast… it was so filling!

Lunch is going to be leftovers from yesterday. Looks pretty good.

That's it! Tonight I'm going to have soup with roasted sweet potato for dinner. I haven't decided if I'm going to do black bean soup or veggie soup. I'll see how I feel when I get home.

You'll notice if you check out my last post that my meal plans can change if I wake up craving something completely different. I'm ok with it, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I'm also doing a little bit of a pantry challenge to try and save some money so that's where the gf pasta, ekeziel toast and oatmeal came from. I have some smoothie bags in the freezer too that I pre-portion to make it easier in the morning. You'll probably see some of those in the future too.

So that's it! I tend to eat repetitively, especially if there is something I really like (like the hummus combo above) so sorry that there isn't much variety. I'm a creature of habit :)

I hope you have a great day! Are all of my friends here in the Northeast ready for our first winter storm? Yikes!


  1. Yay! you did it! Shocked that there are no Carrots or Dolmas, but glad the Apple didn't touch the Sandwich. Kudos for making your own Hummus as well. You need all the carbs to fuel your future shoveling.

    1. Haha see! Oh there were plenty of carrots consumed, just not photographed. I'm making my way through a 2 lb bag of baby carrots rather quickly, ha! Oh I'm carbed up and ready to go!

  2. Great looking meals! I am on Team Oatmeal, all the way! The savory toast and bagel both sound delicious - I should check out more recipes from that cookbook, as it sits on my shelf! I deviate from plans regularly, especially at night - I'm pretty stuck with my pre-made lunches, as I don't wake up early enough to make something else! Ha!

    1. Thanks! I'm loving my oatmeal. I can't say there won't be chocolate in there in the future ;) I LOVE this combination of sun dried tomatoes, basil and hummus. It is one of my favs ever. I highly recommend this recipe. I tend to stray somewhat often or switch up lunch and dinner and I'm totally good with it ;)

  3. I try to meal plan, but I always change my mind, and want something different, and it ends up stressing me out, so I decided to be okay with not doing meal planning. but I'm with you on eating out of the pantry. There have been so many times I've said to myself "I have nothing to eat" and made a pretty tasty meal out of pantry stuff. I love your new bowl!

    1. I always change my mind too. There are too many days that I just don't know what to have though and I end up either walking out of the door with no lunch or waiting until 8:00 to eat dinner so I figure if I at least have an idea on paper it will help! And if I stray I'm ok with it :)

      Thanks! I've been using my new bowl so much haha