Thursday, November 19, 2015

Changes Are Coming!

Hey you guys! I hope that you are all doing well! I am so so sorry that I haven't been around much. Truthfully I've been dealing with some stuff behind the scenes and I've been kind of trying to figure out where I want this blog to go. Clearly I'm not interested in it as it exists right now. I wanted to pop in today to let you know that even though I have not been posting recently I have been working behind the scenes. I've been working on carving the right path for myself in this space and finding the content that will make me happy and keep my interest in addition to being useful and helpful to you. I think I've finally figured it out and I'm really excited to revamp and reveal to you.

I have decided to focus on the two things that I have been focusing on most recently… my creativity and practicality. I've been working on becoming incredibly organized and I am moving my life into a planner. I am starting to plan out every week of my life to put it in front of me. This way I am aware if I am out of balance… whether it is out of balance in my diet or the balance between work and my happy place, it is right in front of me. In addition to the planning, I'm working on a budget system for 2016 so I can start to save my money for my future. Obviously the holidays is the worst time to work on this but I plan on having a system in place for the new year. I plan on sharing my planner with you, how I try to balance everything and most importantly… how I decorate it! ;)

I love to create, I love to give and I love to share my ideas. This blog will combine all of these things. I will share with you my favorite DIY projects (and working with the budget, they will be affordable!), my favorite gift ideas and any creative projects that I have on my plate. It will include the DIYs, cooking, photography and all of the things I do to get my creative energy out. I am a very visual person, I love color and I love pattern and I love to work with these things. I'm just going to make sure I share them with you now!

I do not know what my posting schedule will be as of right now because the nature of the content is more time consuming since I have to create, photograph and figure out how to explain everything to you. I do plan on getting into some gift ideas and quick DIYs after Thanksgiving to give you some ideas for holiday gifts and some fun tricks to save money during the holiday season! As I get more into these posts it will become more clear exactly how it will all go in the future.

I'm so incredibly excited to be changing the path of this blog and to be able to share my ideas and my life with you. I try to be an open book and I hope that you all enjoy the change that I will be making! I will be back soon! I'm just trying to wrangle my thoughts into a cohesive posting schedule that will make the most sense. I will be back to share that with you soon <3

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Favorites!

Hey everyone!! I'm back with another monthly favorites post. I don't have a ton of favorites this month but I thought it would be nice to pop in and at least post a few things for you! What have you been enjoying this month? I can't even deal with how much pumpkin stuff is out now! I love pumpkin but this is craziness!

Anyway, here are the favs!

So I feel awful because I don't have the source to credit this picture but I saved it a while ago and I had to share it with you! I saved it because it makes me laugh my ass off when I need a good pick me up. The caption was "best photobomb ever" and I just can't deal with how adorable and hilarious it is. If anyone knows the source please let me know and I'll add a credit!

Fall sunsets are the most beautiful sunsets of the year. They are always so colorful and beautiful and I just love it when the sky is s colorful.

This was our Halloween tablecloth!! We got it at Target and I freaking love it. You all know I love my skulls so it was really fun to look at this tablecloth all month... and yes, we've had it all month!

I know you are looking at that picture and you are thinking, "what the hell is that thing?!" I have been debating getting a solid shampoo bar from Lush and this last trip to Florida was the perfect time to do it (have to keep those liquids in check!!). I decided to try the Lullaby Shampoo Bar and it is officially my new favorite shampoo. I was really concerned about how well it would lather and whether or not my hair would feel clean and it was amazing! It is also really gentle on your scalp which is perfect for me since my skin is sensitive on my scalp. I very highly recommend this shampoo! Each bar costs about $10 but they last 80-90 shampoos which I think is definitely a great value!

I have been shoveling salads in my face like a crazy woman this month! I don't know why but I have been craving them like crazy but I'm not going to fight it. I could be craving worse, right? The one above was mixed greens and romaine, carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes and chickpeas. I later topped it with red wine vinaigrette. So good!

This Cashew Macadamia Delight Trek Mix from Trader Joe's has been a favorite snack this month. It is basically my favorite nuts and dried fruit shoved in a bag so I can just shove them in my face. It is cashews, macadamia nuts, pineapple, cranberries and almonds. It's so good, definitely a highly recommended snack.

Finally, we have Halloween! We had exactly 0.0 trick or treaters come to our house (at least that is what was told to me... I had to work) but Delilah did pretty well! She was the cutest Ninja Turtle ever and obviously I have a few pictures for you!

She's hilarious, I love this kid so much. I still can't believe how big she is getting. She is going to be 5 next month. The time is going too quickly!

I hope you all had a nice Halloween! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later ;)