Monday, January 18, 2016

Plan With Me Monday: January 18-24

Hey you guys. I'm back with another post showing you my planner. This week I'll be showing you how last week turned out and what this week looks like as of right now. I'll be honest with you, last week was a really bad week for me. I'm still not feeling great and my spirits are down a bit but I'll explain that more as we go through the post.

This is the full spread from last week. I really love the way it looks. It was actually the perfect kit to use to decorate because we got our first snow last night so the watercolor snow theme was perfect. I ended up decorating that section a little more as you'll see in a minute.

So the first half of the week looks like this. I've been making notes when I don't feel well so I can explain everything to my doctor appropriately when I go in for my physical. I also picked out some recipes that I wanted to make from The Abundance Diet but those will mostly be on hold for a bit as I'm doing a little bit of a pantry challenge to try and save a little money. As you'll notice, I ended up staying late at work on Tuesday and experienced horrific back spasms all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They were the type of spasms that knock the wind out of you and leave you in an incredible amount of pain. I'm still in pain and sore from them today.

This is the second half of the week. I made a note of the death of Alan Rickman because that is incredibly sad and it is just a reminder for me. If you look at the top box on Friday you'll see that Friday night/early Saturday morning was especially bad for me. I am no stranger to panic attacks and if you've had them yourself you know they can be terrifying but the only defense you have is that you can typically tell when it is coming. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night in the middle of a panic attack? It is 100% the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced in my life and it's not the first time it has happened to me. You wake up and you think you are dying. It took me a very long time to calm down and I was anxious the whole next day because of it.

You'll notice on Sunday that it was the first snow of the season. It was just a light flurry with the tiniest bit of accumulation but it finally happened.

Unfortunately that is not the most notable thing that happened on Sunday. I don't know if any of you have heard about the double murder-suicide that occurred in an off campus residence at SUNY Geneseo (in NY). If you haven't, you can read about it here. The reason that this affected me so greatly is because this is where I went to school. And this isn't a giant student mill of a school... it is a small town, set in the middle of nowhere. There are about 5,000 students in total and you pass by giant cow fields to get to the school. The town consists of the school, a Main Street and residences. Up the hill is a Walmart, Wegmans, movie theatre and a few restaurants and small hotels. That's it. It is a small, tight knit community that I grew to love and I can assure you that a tragedy like this hits very hard. It was my home for four years... probably the best four years of my life and my heart is broken for the community, the school and the families. I know exactly where that house was and it is hard to imagine it being the scene of such a horrific crime. Parents were sending their kids back to school yesterday for the spring semester and I can imagine the fear and concern they must have felt... which is strange because I have never felt safer than I did when I lived there.

Anyway, there is a snapshot of what my week was like. I'm hoping that this week is a fresh start and that things will go a bit better. I'm still not feeling great but I'm trying to rest as much as I can today and hopefully that will help.

Here is the full week spread for next week. I'm not going to lie, I'm REALLY happy with how this came out. I ended up cobbling it together with a bunch of different stickers from different shops and it turned out to be a cohesive spread. I even had the perfect washi tape to use to decorate the bottom.

This is the first half of the week. I was supposed to go to the bank and post office today... not realizing that they would be closed for the holiday. I have no concept of Monday holidays anymore since Monday is a standard day off for me. Anyway, it's pretty typical stuff planned for this week. One different thing that I added was a "Lemon Water" habit sticker in the sidebar. I know it is great for digestion so I'm hoping that if I can make that a daily habit it will help me out.

This is the second half of the week. I was so excited because I finally got to use one of my "Fat Amy" quote stickers! I am a huge fan of the Pitch Perfect movies and Fat Amy might be my spirit animal. She is freaking hilarious. Anyway, I knew that I wouldn't be working out on Sunday so I used my "Yeah, no... don't put me down for cardio" quote and it is my favorite part of the spread by far. I laugh every time I see it. I also may go with my mom to get a pedicure on Sunday depending on the weather. Otherwise is it pretty open for now but as you know, I'll show you the finished spread next Monday. 

That's all I have for you today. Hopefully this week will be better than last and I'm sure it will be. 

I hope you've all been well! Let me know some fun things you have planned for this week!


  1. That sounds terrible dealing with back spasms. You're definitely an inspiration for planners! I bought one for 2016, but i find myself writing all of my reminders to myself on post-it notes! Old habits die hard! I started drinking lemon water in the mornings about a year or so ago, and it has made a big difference in how I feel. If I miss a day, I can feel it. It's probably one of the best habits I've ever picked up.

    1. Haha thanks! I was definitely a post it note girl myself. Sometimes I still write on post its and transfer them into my planner. I just like having everything in one spot. I felt like things got a little chaotic with post it notes all over so I'm glad that I got everything in one spot.

      The lemon water has been good, I'm glad I decided to do it!

  2. Maybe in addition to the Lemon Water, you could go on a 'news fast'. It might help alleviate your stress a little.

    1. Well the news came to me via text and then I just fed it by checking out the news but I would have found out anyway. But you are definitely right, my interest in true crime and reading of the news definitely contributes to my anxiety.