Monday, January 11, 2016

Planner Nerd: January 11-17 Spread

Hey everyone! I'm back to show off a new week in my planner and I'm already so much happier with how my spread looks this week! I cut the clutter and made it nice and clean and added my lists back in on the days that I work. The stickers I used are beautiful and I will include links to the shops that I used at the bottom.

I am going to start by posting my completed spread from last week. Things got crazy at the end of the week so it's not as filled out as much as the beginning of the week but you can definitely see that it was filled in much more than in the beginning of the week.

This is the full spread. Sadly I didn't get to the gym as much as I would have liked but I am figuring out a good schedule for myself and I'll get it together within the next few weeks. 

In the sidebar I wrote down the names of books I wanted to try and find at the library. As you can see, I already got my hands on The Abundance Diet because I was inspired by Bianca and I'm so glad I got it ($6.49 for Kindle on Amazon!) because it just makes a lot of sense and the recipes look fantastic. I highly recommend it.

The sad second half of the week. Not filled out as much but you still get the idea.

I set up my new week yesterday and I really love how it came out. Check it out!

This is my full spread for next week. As you can see the "theme" is a blue and gray winter/snow theme. I'm obsessed with the watercolor snowflake checklists, they are so pretty! Almost everything I used on this page came from Creating & Co (the camera and laptop stickers in the top boxes as well as the scalloped strips, the to do lists and headers and the sidebar stickers). What you see in the bottom box (the workout heart things, the meal planning stickers and the hydration stickers under the meal planning stickers) came from Sweet Kawaii Design. These are my two absolute favorite shops for stickers so if you are going to start to dabble in planner stickers I highly recommend starting there!

Here is the first half of the week and the sidebar. I plan on using the "Next Week" section in the sidebar to choose the meals I'm going to make next week. I'm still tracking my sleep and I put in a spot for reminders as well. I am trying to figure out my workout schedule and my meal plan will get filled in the night before. 

Here is the second half of the week. Fridays will be weigh in days (and no that info will not be shared on here). I think it looks really good!

So that is my week coming up. I have decided to use the recipes from the Abundance Diet for the next few weeks but I will not be following her 28 day meal plan. The main reason for that is basically because I need to adjust to fit my tastes, my schedule and my budget but I will be using the recipes and general principles. I'm really excited about it, the recipes sound SO GOOD! 

That's about it for now! I hope you all had a great Monday! I'll be back Wednesday to show you some yummy food I've been eating!

See you soon!


  1. What a busy life. I am stressed just looking at that.

    1. Really?! I always feel like I'm so lazy, ha!

  2. I've never really dabbled in planning stickers, but they are so gosh darn cute! I love the labels with the blog, tv etc.

    1. Hey Allysia!! How are you?! Haha I know, I never would have thought of it, but I randomly saw some on YouTube and I thought it was too cute! :)