Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Week, Another Haul

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was different than I expected since the Street Fair was rained out and postponed until next weekend. I am disappointed but hopefully the weather will be nice next weekend and we will have a good turnout. Since I have another week with my stock I'll try and post a few more pictures of the pieces and maybe the display when I test it out.

Since I had my Sunday clear up I treated myself to a pedicure since it had been months since my last one and flip flop season is upon us. I also ran to Trader Joe's to pick up a handful of things (big mistake to go in the middle of the day - the parking lot was a nightmare and people were just ridiculous in the store) and spent the rest of the day inside and out of the rain. I had also gone to the opening day of the Farmers Market near me on Saturday! I have one picture to share from that so you can see how dreadfully small it is. Seven vendors were not there so hopefully as the season goes on it will get bigger.

Let's get into some pictures!

Here is the terrible pic from the market. It was so freaking small. Only two produce vendors. I only picked up a head of lettuce, a few honeycrisp apples and some spicy black bean dip (so good and super limey!). I'm sure that there will be more to choose from as the season progresses and when I have a good haul I'll make sure to show you.

Here is my mini haul from Trader Joe's. I've been into ice pops lately so I picked up the Raspberry, lemon and Strawberry pops, the vegan mango mochi that Vegan Peace shared, some chickenless tenders, shredded hash browns and bananas. I have a lot of produce at home already so I didn't want to grab a lot and just use up what I have.

I shared this before pic on my planner Instagram account and I kind of love showing the sheets and then the finished spread and how I used these sheets. I think it's interesting for people to look at the sheets and think about how they would use them and then to see how someone else uses them. I watch a lot of Plan With Me Videos on Youtube (they are so relaxing you guys!) and I love watching other people plan, especially when their style is so different from mine.

And this is the finished spread! I love colorblocking these monthly colors. I really like this spread because it is pretty but it is also really neat and organized. My inner Virgo has been out loud and proud lately.

When you have an amazing vegan bakery in your area you should go buy stuff from them to support the business, right? That is what I'm telling myself after making another trip there and pickup up this ridiculously amazing looking Peanut Butter Pie! I saw their pic on Instagram and I was like ok fine you win, ha! I actually only ate half of this so far because it is super rich but wanted to take a pic before it got all mangled. I can't believe this bakery has been around for a few years and I had only been in a few times. I'm planning on special ordering some of their amazing vegan swiss rolls for my birthday in September :) They are so good (I had them for my birthday a few years ago when they first opened) but I have terrible timing and never get in when they have them.

So that's what I've got for you today! I'll be starting a major spring cleaning and de-clutter today and I'm looking forward to just doing a major purge of my stuff that I just have hanging around. I'll probably be purging some of my cookbooks so I'll make sure to let you guys know and I'll do some giveaways with them if you are interested!

I'll see you in a few days with a full day of eating! <3


  1. I was looking at those lemon raspberry bars, and i meant to swing back around and grab them and I forgot! I can't wait to hear how they are, I love raspberry and lemon, and I bet they're super refreshing!! I might have to check out some of those planning videos, because planning is definitely not my strength, and I could stand some lessons. That Farmer's Market looks kind of nice, and not super overwhelming like some of the bigger ones, although you do want more than two produce vendors! I need that pie!

    1. You have to get the raspberry, lemon, strawberry bars!! They are so good! I'm not typically a fan of raspberry flavored things but this is really good. The lemon is by far the best part, it is so good and refreshing!

      Yes, check out the videos! They are so relaxing! I would suggest searching Creating and Co. and Jenna Rose on youtube and starting with their Plan With Me videos. They are my two favs!

      The farmers market was fine but I've been spoiled by nicer ones. I think the seven vendors that were missing will make a huge difference so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have!

  2. Holy moly, I can't even think past that pie! I would take an hour to eat, just to enjoy every bite!

    The planner is so cute, and I love the color blocking, too! I have yet to plan much other than working on the patio, making my Mom pamper me (they're the best when sick, right?!), and Remy's vet appointment. I'm should totally get a pedicure! I'm excited to hear about the festival this weekend, and I'm sure your markets will expand with the season!

    1. Haha yes the pie was amazing! Thank you, I am obsessed with color blocking, ha! I just find it really visually appealing. Definitely get a pedicure, you deserve it! Even the small things you do to pamper yourself make such a huge difference.

      The weather has turned around and it appears that Sunday will be a good day so it should be on! I'm really nervous about it to be honest… and I'm really looking forward to it being over so I can just relax! Luckily in a few weeks I'll have a few days of quality time with the fur babies and I'm really looking forward to relaxing and having lots of cuddle time with them!

  3. Woah! I was bumming to see you hadnt posted all week, that the jewelry sale was rained out and you didnt buy much that I like at Trader Joe's but seeing the Pie makes it all better. Must be so awesome. For shame you havent been partaking!

    1. I know, what was I thinking?! I will definitely be making more trips :) This week has been really busy but I should be back to normal next week once this street fair is over. Fingers crossed the weather holds up for tomorrow!