Monday, June 13, 2016

A New Day

Hey everyone. Thank you so much for your kind words and your support. It always means so much to me to read your comments and I really appreciate it. I hope that all of you have been ok in this time and taking care of yourselves and everyone that you love. I've been supporting my friend as he is still understandably quite shaken. He has said it will take a long time to heal from this and it is still very raw and real. A good friend of his who has become a good friend of mine knows someone that passed in the hospital so it's all hitting close to home for them. I wish I could be there with them but unfortunately the best I can do is support them from here and send them as much love as possible.

I've accepted the street fair debacle and I'll start to figure out a new game plan to get my jewelry out there. Whether it is a different fair (which I can't really imagine at the moment) or an Etsy shop I'll figure it out.

I didn't really know what to do with myself today so I decided to get my butt in the kitchen and bake. I made another loaf of Chocolate Covered Katie's Fat Free Banana Bread. I used mini chocolate chips this time. It made my whole house smell amazing. I don't know what is more comforting... eating the comfort food or making the comfort food. I haven't eaten it yet but making it certainly was calming for me.

I saw that Bianca had reviewed this book (here) and I immediately had to check it out. It is called N'Ice Cream and as you can imagine, it contains all vegan ice cream recipes. I decided to treat myself and I ordered it and my copy came today! I haven't really had a chance to check it out yet but the thing that sold me was that there were so many different options and that they teach you how to make it without an ice cream maker. I also really love that they have ice cream cakes in there because what is more fun than an Ice Cream Cake? I'm really excited to try some recipes because I could use some healthy vegan ice cream in my life.

So that's all I have for today. Just laying low and trying to relax before another work week. I hope that you are all doing well <3


  1. Sometimes the act of baking is comforting enough for me, too! Have you ever watched The Great British Bake Off? It's on PBS, and is really well done! I love to watch it, and a season or two ago they talked about Bara Brith, but is a sweetbread with dried fruit left to soak in black tea overnight. The recipe I found is accidentally vegan, so now I just need it to not be 90+ degrees outside so I can turn on my oven for 40 minutes!

    I love everything about that ice cream book! Yes to ice cream cake, I haven't had that in years!

    1. I have never seen the Great British Bake Off but I've heard of it! I definitely need to check it out :) The sweetbread sounds delicious, you have to let me know how it is if you try it!!

      This book is nothing short of glorious! I can't wait to try the recipes.

  2. I have heard good things from people who have Etsy shops, and you are so talented, and your jewelry is GORGEOUS! And then, no nasty smelly vendors who clearly have no manners! It seems like a win!
    The kitchen really can be so soothing.
    Please tell your friends I am thinking of them. I can't even imagine what they are going through.
    Vegan ice cream cake, yes please! I can't wait to see all your creations!

    1. Aww thank you so much! It's so funny, I've found so many fun craft projects that I want to make. In my dream life I'd have a fully stocked craft room and all the time in the world to make fun projects.

      I will pass along your kind words, they will appreciate it. It is still very emotional for them.

      I can't wait to try these recipes, they look so freaking good.

  3. Another idea for the Marshmallows...Ice Cream!

    1. Ooooh yes!!! A marshmallow sauce!!