Monday, July 11, 2016

I Bought All The Things

Hey you guys! I'm back with my weekly Monday post. I think I've settled into a good groove with two posts a week so I'm going to stick with that with some possible bonus posts thrown in. Today I figured I would do a fun post of a few things that I've purchased over the past couple of weeks and also my grocery haul for this week and my planner spread for this week as well. I've been budgeting myself quite a bit and I've been doing really well about not spending so these were a few treats I've gotten myself. It's the little things, right? Besides, since I've simplified my eating I've cut my grocery bill down to about $35-$40/week which is really good. Anyway, check out all the stuff!

I'm so sorry for this awful picture on this busy ass tablecloth. I hate it and normally I get rid of it but there were people around and I just had to take this picture really quickly. Anyway, I have a small Trader Joe's haul to share and I got some kale (for juice), romaine hearts, chickenless tenders, grape tomatoes, avocado, frozen corn, a buried cucumber and some gluten free waffles.

I've also had some serious chocolate cravings lately (yeah... you know what I'm saying) so I popped into Sweet To Lick and I grabbed this Double Chocolate Whoopie cookie on Saturday after work. I had half on Saturday and will probably have the other half tonight. It is soooooo good you guys. One Monday I'm going to have to head in and check out their lunch that they are now offering.

I also ran to the Mediterranean Store and grabbed my favorite hummus and stuffed grape leaves. I can't remember the name, I just remember location unfortunately.

So I have been trying to find Scotch brand glitter washi FOREVER because you know I love my glitter. I have black and red and I love this brand because it doesn't shed but I really wanted some more colors. Well my Target must have re-stocked because I found all of these beautiful colors and let me tell you... when Target has all of the glitter washi you buy all of the glitter washi. My Target especially because they don't really re-stock it often. I'm so excited about these and that turquoise is giving me life right now.

Finally, here is my planner spread for this week. This is 100% my favorite spread so far. The kit is beautiful and from my favorite shop, Creating & Co., and the style of planning was inspired by her as well. I love how this came out so much I doubt I'll go back to my old style of planning! This is so clean and beautiful and it makes me happy to look at it :) I have another kit from her that I will be using in two weeks and I can not wait. It is my favorite kit of all time, it is gorgeous and I think you will all like it too!

So that's all I have for today. I hope you all had a great weekend and I'll check in later this week with some food! I did some meal planning today and I have some yummy stuff to come :)



  1. Ha ha! I can see past the tablecloth, no worries! 😉 I love those waffles!
    I am drooling over that cookie - it looks divine! I imagine a Mediterranean store would be the best place for smooth hummus and stuffed grapes leaves. Yum!

    I was in Marshall's today and saw a few planners, and was reminded that I'll need to buy a new one for the school year. I'll stop into Michaels and see what I can find to make one!

    1. OMG I hate the tablecloth so much, ha! I'm excited about the waffles, they will be so good. I haven't had one in so long! The cookie is so good. I still have half left, I never ended up eating it last night. The Mediterranean store is amazing, ha!

      I have an extra planner that I'm probably not going to end up using. If you want I can send it your way! I would much rather see you get use out of it than have it sit around and not get used. Let me know!

  2. Great post! Everything that initiates happiness :). I'm loving that turquoise, the nautical-themed planner and that cookie would make me a nicer person for a few days each month ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is the little things that make me happy :) A pretty color, some glitter, some yummy summer produce.

      Haha! Yes the cookie is making me a much nicer person… for now ;)

  3. If you hate the tablecloth so badly, you could buy a new, neutral one? I wish I had access to vegan waffles.Glad you are treating yourself well at Sweet to Lick and the Mediterranean Store. I bet they both offer the best of the best.