Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Haul and Some Meals

Hey you guys! I'm back with another haul and some more meals to show you. I didn't get to go to Trader Joe's on Sunday and I really needed some food so I went before work this morning. I photographed the haul and I also have some meals to show you.

First the haul:

For produce I got some baby spinach, cherries, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, lemons, baby carrots, persian cucumbers and potatoes (oven fries!!).

For grocery products I just picked up a few things. I got the crispy chicken less tenders to have in the freezer for a treat, my favorite store bought hummus which is the Mediterranean Hummus, Just Beets (dehydrated beet chips), raw pine nuts (for caesar dressing!) and brown rice pasta.

And now for some meals:

For today's breakfast I'm munching on a ton of cherries and a banana.

Yesterday I had some steel cut oats with peanut butter powder and cinnamon mixed in topped with banana.

Yesterday's lunch was an old favorite… my Mediterranean plate! Persian cucumber, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and some tomatoes.

Today's lunch is a hummus and veggie sandwich on sprouted grain bread.

I didn't photograph dinner last night but it was steamed veggies and tofu with some rice. Tonight I will be making more oven fries :)

I hope you are all doing well and that your week is going quickly! See you soon!


  1. I knew it! I forgot to mention in my last comment that I thought the "familiar" meal would involve grape leaves! Believe it or not, I was thinking not too long ago that I hadn't seen a grape leaves platter on your blog for awhile! I love grape leaves sooooooo much!!
    I was also curious if you've tried the black bean pasta yet? I saw it at Trader Joe's and didn't get it because I feel like I need to hear an opinion first. The color reminds me of squid ink pasta which is why it weirds me out I think.

    1. Haha yes, they are back! I had a hard time finding them not packed in oil but I found them again!

      I haven't tried it yet. I read some reviews and now I'm a little nervous. I'm also trying to figure out what kind of sauce I want on it!

  2. So pretty! Love your Mediterranean Platter! Surprised you use PB Powder instead of the real stuff. Were the Cherries good? i am not as aware of the seasonal produce hitting the markets now.

    1. Thank you! Well I ran out of Peanut Butter so I only had the powder but I actually really liked it in the oatmeal. The cherries were awful as I guess I expected but I guess it was worth a shot!

  3. PB powder and oats is one of my favorite combos! I just ordered some custom Maple-Brown Sugar PB Lean from (you can make flavored powdered PB and add protein and stuff), and I can't wait to try it in oats! I'll have to get that hummus at TJ's next time I'm in Nashville. TJ's has so many hummus flavors, and I never know which one to buy!

    1. Yes, I loved the pb powder in it! It was definitely a happy discovery! That is so cool that you can customize your powdered peanut butter, I'm going to have to check that out! Yes definitely try the hummus, it is my favorite!