Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm back from my trip to Rochester and have some randomness to show you. I'm sure Rochester seems like a very unlikely vacation spot but I went to college in the area (SUNY Geneseo) and grew to love Western New York. I have probably only been up there 2 or 3 times since I graduated (almost 10 years ago... what?!) so it was time to visit and see a friend (I wish I could have seen everyone, most of my friends live up there) and enjoy a stress free weekend. It was a lot of fun and also very relaxing, a combination that I was definitely craving.

Anyway, here is a bunch of totally random pictures from last week!

Totally random picture from before I left... I felt like fall had finally arrived when I consumed this AMAZING honeycrisp (!!) apple and my favorite spearmint tea. It was a very exciting morning ;)

Last Monday (also before my trip) I met up with my friend Alex for an early birthday lunch. I had a great time, she is so awesome and definitely a really fun person to be around. I enjoyed this delicious portobello mushroom panini that I altered (no cheese or roasted red peppers, add tomatoes - keep spinach and mushrooms) with some fries and some amazing pickles.

Better view of the panini. Obviously this thing is ginormous so I got two meals out of it. Gotta love that. Thanks for an amazing lunch and a fun girl's day Alex!

Out the window of the plane on the way to Rochester on Friday. Clearly it was a beautiful day and you can definitely tell we were not anywhere near a city :) I love seeing all of the farmland from the plane, I think it is so beautiful.

I got to my friend's house and one of her cats (James) promptly decided to make himself comfortable on my adorable owl duffel bag. He is too cute and he and his brother are the sweetest little kitties ever. So cuddly and loving.

It seems to be birthday tradition to see a live Impractical Jokers show now! The first show of their fall bus tour happened to be in Syracuse so we took a mini road trip and saw the show! It was hilarious like the first time I had seen them and we saw their adorable tour bus outside of the venue. It was a really great night.

Totally random meal I ate while I was there. Those tomatoes were INCREDIBLE. I purchased them from one of the farm stands and they were some of the best tomatoes I've ever eaten. Naturally they were paired with hummus because tomato and hummus is pretty much my favorite combo ever. Added in some pita chips and pickles and thoroughly enjoyed this plate.

Big fluffy clouds and a beautiful blue sky on my flight home. It looks almost the same as my first pic (location-wise on the plane) because I was sitting in almost the same exact seat. It was gorgeous and you have to love a flight that is under an hour.

So that was last week. I am officially 31 years old today. I'm approaching the day like New Year's Eve and tomorrow is my New Year's Day. Day one... a fresh start. And I'm looking forward to it. Today has been a lot of running around but I should be going out to dinner with my family (and definitely enjoying a baked goodie) and I'll be having a proper girl's day with my mom on Sunday to celebrate. 

I hope you are all doing well! 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! (has your bday always been on September 22nd? I thought it used to be in spring?)

    Appreciate the trip recap. Hope you get to see Delilah during your weekend celebrations.

    1. Thank you!! Haha yes my birthday has always been September 22 :) It's probably why I love the fall so much!

      I'm glad that I had something to show you! I just got home from the family dinner and Delilah was there and being awesome and adorable as always. I'll see her again on Wednesday :)

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a great time, as you should! That panini looks terrific and the picture of the kitty on your duffel bag is double the cuteness.

    I just had some garden fresh tomatoes a few days ago and agree with you that they are such a treat. I wish we could get them like that year round.

    1. Thank you! I had a great time, I'm glad that I was able to go, I definitely needed the vacation. The panini was delicious and the kitties were so sweet!

      OMG I'm still thinking about those tomatoes. They were amazing.

  3. Happy Birthday! my connections have been bad lately so I can't comment with out getting frustrated, but I like yr last fall post and this one too! Fall is my favorite season - I wish it were my birthday season.
    Very cute cat photo, and delicious looking food. There are few things better than an amazing tomato.
    I have never been to Rochester, but I'm interested!

    1. Thank you! Fall is the best, I love that my birthday welcomes in the fall. You are right, an amazing tomato is the best. Rochester is a nice little city and the surrounding area is gorgeous. I wanted to pick apples but we didn't have enough time.

  4. I love everything about this post!! It sounds like a wonderful weekend, and I always forget how far the city is from Rochester (although, if I think about it - Rochester is next to Canada, so that makes sense!). I was wondering if you drove, took the train, and now I know! The cat is adorable (as is your bag!), and the show sounds like a lot of fun!

    I'm loving apple season right now, they are so good! And mint tea is perfect for fall weather.

    This post really put me in a great mood, I'm so happy to have lived through your adventures, vicariously!

    1. Aww you are so sweet, thank you! It was a really nice weekend. Haha yes it's probably a good 6-7 hr right from where I am on Long Island. It is indeed close to Canada, we definitely spent some time in Niagara Falls in my college days. The show was so fun, I am so glad that we got to go!

      I have been cramming apples in my face as soon as I spotted my first honeycrisp. This mint tea is my absolute favorite. I don't know why but I prefer spearmint to peppermint in tea.

      Aww it made me so happy that you enjoyed it! It was a quick trip but it was a lot of fun.

  5. Happy happy birthday, Sarah! I'm wishing you so much happiness and fun. :)