Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching Up Instagram Style

Hey friends! Happy belated Mother's Day to all of the Mommys (Mommies?) out there (of human and/or fur children). I hope that you all had a really nice day. I spent the day with the family which was really nice. The only small issue was that my body didn't enjoy spending a few hours outside amongst the ridiculous amount of pollen and I had a bit of an allergy (read: swollen throat) situation last night but it's better now. And today is Monday which means it's time for "This Week On Instagram!" I have a few old pics and a whole lot of randomness but I guess that's what makes these posts fun, right?

On the heels of Mother's Day, here is a pic of me and my mom at my brother's wedding a few years ago. Minus the hair in my face it's one of my favorite pictures of us. I'm so lucky that my mom isn't just an amazing mother, she is also one of my best friends. We are lucky to have a really close relationship and while we drive each other crazy at times, she is honestly the most amazing woman I know.

And now onto the randomness ;)

There have been tons of bunnies running around my neighborhood lately. I got super close to the guy and he was so cute but I wasn't about to get any closer. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I worked a wedding for the first time in a while. I was at a catering hall that has peacocks randomly roaming around the grounds. I've had many run ins with the peacocks (they have a white one too) over the years... including one time in the parking lot where I had to wait for 5 minutes him to mosey along until I could leave because he was just standing in the middle of the lane just staring at me.

Here he is again. Those doors lead into the reception room so I'm sure it's fun for the guests to be able to look out or walk out of the door and see it. I hope that they treat them well and take good care of them. I wonder where they hang out during the winter as well.

I saw these gorgeous blossoms walking back to my car after a visit to my Dr. I thought they were so gorgeous I had to take a bunch of pictures of them. 

This is another picture of the gorgeous blossoms. The sky was so blue that day. This is one of my favorite pics I've taken and it's now the wallpaper on my phone :) It just makes me happy to look at the beautiful blossoms.

That's all I have for you this week. Not a ton of pictures but I hope you enjoyed them. I went grocery shopping this morning and did some prep for the week so I'll show you what I made on Wednesday! I hope that you have all been well. Sadly I think I have to put the mansions on hold for a few weeks until I get my allergies under control because the throat swelling is really uncomfortable but I can't wait to go to my second mansion and will do so as soon as everything is back on track.

Hope you all have had a great Monday! See you on Wednesday!


  1. I've been having some bad days with allergies lately, too. No fun!

    That's so awesome that you & your mom are close. I envy that. You're very lucky!

    The peacock and flowers are both so gorgeous. I remember you posting the peacock on Instagram. :) I haven't been on there (as well as other places online) in quite a while. Must remedy that!

    1. The pollen count was over 3000 today!!! It was SOOOOO bad. My throat has been swelling which is so scary. I hope that you can find some relief for your allergies!

      Thanks, I feel really lucky to have such a great relationship with her.

      Thank you! Yes, I always think it's fun when the peacock comes to hang out at the weddings. Yes come back, I miss the pics of your gorgeous girls!

  2. Your mom looks so young! And you both look beautiful. My mom and I are not really close but we get along enough these days. Mothers Day sounds like it was a nice one for you.
    I can't believe there are rabbits running around yr hood! I wish there were wildlife out here, beyond squirrels.
    Beautiful flowers. Do you know what kind of tree that is? It took me forever to notice that there are so many cherry trees in Queens.

    1. I told her that you said that and she was so happy and said thank you :) Mother's day was really nice... we just spent the day at my brother's house which I prefer to going out.

      There have been TONS of them! We saw no fewer than four the other day and scampering around like crazy!

      I don't know what kind of tree that is unfortunately. There are so many trees with pink blossoms and others with white blossoms and they are so gorgeous. Minus my head feeling like it wants to explode it is such a great time of the year!

  3. Awesome pic of you and your Mom. My mother & I are too vain to allow our pictures to be taken separately, let alone, together.

    Love the Peacock pics.

    1. Aww, thank you!! Wouldn't it be vain to take a ton of pictures and post them all over the place?

      The peacocks were cool, I wish I got a pic of the white one.

  4. Love the mom pic! She does look really young- so do you!! I love the blowing hair actually, it give the image a great "moment in time" feeling and some movement.
    Those flowers are incredible too.

    1. Thank you so much!! She definitely looks young, we both get it a lot actually. I always thank her for those genes ;) I am not going to lie, I'm more than a little drunk in that picture so I was glad to just get us in the frame, ha!

      I love the blossoms, so beautiful.

  5. I love, love that picture of you and your mother! Both so beautiful! Spending time with family is important, and I'm glad that you were able to make it happen!

    Such a beautiful bird! It looks like a pretty venue. The flowers are just as gorgeous! We don't have the beautiful blooms around here just yet.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that your allergies leave you alone soon!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I agree, family time is really important and we are so lucky to all live so close to each other.

      This venue is actually one of my favorite catering halls on Long Island. The staff is so nice and the place has a lot of charm. I'm not surprised you don't have any blossoms yet, it's still snowing there!!!! That's just craziness.

      Thanks, me too! I hope yours haven't been giving you problems!

  6. You and your mom look so alike! And so beautiful :)

    Sorry to hear about your allergies! Speedy recovery my dear!

    1. Aww thanks Gabby!

      Oy the pollen counts just keep getting worse. Looks like I'm hibernating for a bit ;)