Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hanging in There

Hey everyone! It's been a while I know. I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't had a whole lot of time to photograph things but now I'm settled in at my brother's house (I've been there since Friday) and while things are very hectic and busy I have managed to get a few pictures for you. I always walk into this thinking it's going to be a nice relaxing staycation and I always realize pretty quickly that it's actually just a lot of work taking care of these adorable guys and the house. It's fine though, I still enjoy it and it's nice to have lots of cuddle time with them :)

So this is just something that I found at Trader Joe's and I thought I would share! It is Kung Pao Tempura Cauliflower and it is delicious. The sauce is a little spicy and the cauliflower tastes really great and crisps up really nicely in the oven. I don't use all of the sauce because I think it's too much but I thought I'd share in case you guys have seen it and wanted an opinion on it :) I definitely recommend it!

I am in love with this week's planner spread! I got this Brave Kit from a shop in Spain and I don't really do overseas sticker shopping much because the shipping can be crazy (this wasn't though!) but I really loved this kit and it looks perfect with the August colors in the Erin Condren. I also got a Little Mermaid kit from her which I'll probably be using next month :)

Of course I had to share pictures of the fur babies! Here is TJ being all cute. He is like a big fluffy snowball.

Here is Jack stalking the fish. She does this for hours. She'll swat at the tank and move it and I try to get her to leave the fish alone but she just won't. I swear it's like a free for all!

And of course here is sweet little Tyler!

I haven't gotten a picture of Eddie recently because it is hard for me to be near him. He is a long hair and is shedding like crazy and every time he  moves his hair goes flying. My cat allergies have gotten worse and the last time I was house sitting my eye ended up swelling shut so I have to be really careful how close I get and he isn't allowed in the bedroom because his favorite thing to do is roll around in the pillows.

So there you have it! Just a few more work days until a three day weekend. I took off Saturday to take care of something in the afternoon so I'll be able to enjoy a mostly three day weekend. I'm hoping to get back to the Farmer's Market early Saturday morning so we'll see!

I hope you have all been well! I'll try and update again at the end of the week (it would be Friday if I do!) and if I get to the Farmer's Market and get anything I'll have a haul for you next week.



  1. I can't stand how cute TJ is! They all are of course, but that picture he really does look like a little snowball!
    Jack stalking the fish is hilarious! I wonder what the fish is thinking!
    That cauliflower looks amazing! I just made High Carb Hannah's version last night. I love the planner!

    1. I know, he is such a goofball! He makes me laugh but they are all nuts, ha! The poor fish is probably traumatized, it's super hyper and is always jumping around in the tank.

      This cauliflower is so good, I'm so glad I picked it up to try!

  2. Holy cauliflower, how have I missed that awesomeness at TJ's?! It looks fantastic! Speaking of fantastic, did you see the Banana Ice Cream variations on Chocolate Covered Katie's blog? I'm so excited to make a mint chip version!

    So, I found a planner kit at Michael's, but it's for 2017. I purchased it and am hiding it from myself, so I can open it at Christmas. Ha ha! It's no where near as cool as yours, but you have inspired me!

    I can't deal with those sweet faces, and how hilarious is Jack?!

    1. Definitely try to find the cauliflower, it's amazing! I'll post a picture of the bag when I post next week so you can look out for it. I haven't seen the banana ice cream post, I hope to go check it out! the mint chip sounds so good!

      Ahhh that's exciting!!! Which planner kit did you get? I'm switching to a personal planner next year so mine will be quite different and less decorated. I love doing it but it gets quite expensive and I think the personal planner will serve my purpose better. I think I may do full holiday spreads in my happy planner though ;)

      OMG i can't with these guys. They definitely keep me on my toes!!

  3. I can't with those pups either!!! I just can't. How is "Death by Cuteness" not a thing??? You are such a good photographer - guess that's why you make a living at it ;). Your blog makes my day. Ok, I need to go to a Michael's now because you and Ingrid may just convert me. I have that cauliflower in my freezer and forgot about it! I hated cauliflower until I tried buffalo cauliflower. Guess I'm being converted in all the best ways possible :)

    1. Aww thank you Beverlee, your comment is so sweet and it really made my day <3 I know, they are so ridiculous and adorable and I was so happy to have lots of cuddle time with them!

      Haha yes, planners unite! I'm a virgo so that feeling of being organized and having my lists all in one spot makes me really happy, ha!

      I hated cauliflower and brussels sprouts when I was a kid but now they are two of my favs! I really like the TJs one even though I've read a lot of not so great reviews on it. It's a great quick and easy meal!

  4. Not only do the Bro an SIL get a trusted pet sitter, they get professional portraits when they return. So lucky! I bet I would love that Tempura Cauliflower. A long time ago I ordered return-address labels on eBay. You might want to check out what home grown stickers are for sale there, the ones I got were cute and cheap as could be.

    1. Haha I send them pictures and facetime them while they are away because they miss their babies. I think that TJ and Tyler get mad at them when they leave because they don't even look at the phone when they talk to them, ha! Cool, I'll definitely check out eBay! I'll definitely save a lot next year with the smaller planner and I also have leftovers from this year that I can use.

  5. I like the Kung Pao Tempura Cauliflower. It looks delicious. I hope you can post the recipe soon :D I also follow one website which talks about vegan food and fitness, Goodluck! :)