Thursday, October 29, 2015

Back to Reality

Hey everyone! So I'm back from Florida and have basically a lot of the same pictures to show you from my trip. I didn't take a lot because I was just trying to be in the moment and enjoy the company so I have a few new photos and a few recycled photos from previous trips… I'm a creature of habit, I tend to eat the same things when I go to my favorite restaurants ;)

My brother was kind enough to take me to the airport on Thursday and was even more kind to take me to lunch before! We went to our favorite Turkish Restaurant (I'm pretty sure it may just be called "Shish Kebab" but I'm not sure… it's a mom and pop place) and I had the gorgeous Shepherd's salad pictured above. We also had some yummy hummus and bread that was hot out of the oven.

Of course we went to Loving Hut when I was in Florida and of course I got the Combo No. 1. It is by far my favorite meal there but I am definitely going to branch out and try something new next time!! I didn't go for the soup this time because it was about 85 degrees and I didn't want to fill my tummy with soup so I could eat the deliciousness of this meal.

We also did brunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen as we always do :) I got the breakfast burrito which is full of potatoes, tofu scramble and faux sausage and is smothered in gravy. Oh man I am so obsessed with this burrito, it is so delicious!!

We also partook in some Electra Moscato. This is my favorite wine. I like very sweet dessert wines with zero dryness and this definitely hits the spot! I can't find it anywhere near me so I always make sure to have my fair share when I go and visit :)

On Saturday we visited the town of Cassadaga again and they were decorated for Halloween! This dude was chilling in the lobby at the Cassadaga Hotel and I couldn't help but take a photo. My friends had psychic readings done but I wasn't ready to do it yet (I really wanted to hear about their experiences) but I think I may go for it next time :) We had a great time and went on a really nice walk outside as well.

This was the view out the window of my plane on the way home. It was such a beautiful evening and the moon was so stunning and illuminated the fluffy clouds perfectly. I had an amazing time but was glad to see my family when I got home.

Do you guys have any Halloween plans? I have to work during the day but will meet up with Delilah later to catch the tail end of her trick or treating. She is going to be a Ninja Turtle! A girl after my own heart :) I will make sure to get some pictures of her if I can get there before she is out of her costume. If not I'll make sure to get some from my brother and sister in law.

How is everything going with all of you?! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the fall!


  1. So glad you were able to get away and enjoy Florida! I bet being there really makes you want to move! How is work? I have one more ridiculous day, and then smooth sailing until May. I'm so relieved the end is near!

    I tend to be a creature of habit in restaurants, and I can see why you'd get the same delicious Loving Hut meal! Any Halloween baking or necklaces happening? Can't wait to see Delilah!

    1. Thanks, Ingrid! It was nice to get away! It was 85 degrees at the end of October which is so weird to me, ha! It would be so weird to not have proper seasons!

      Work is busy but once we catch up after the super busy fall it'll be very quiet during the winter. I'm so glad that your got through the hardest part! I'm sure you will be doing some major relaxation this weekend and it is so well deserved!

      I feel like I just look forward to those specific meals so much that it is hard to stray! I'll never stray from my breakfast burrito because it is amazing but I'm going to try something new at Loving Hut the next time I'm there :) Nothing crazy going on here, I'm starting to debate what I want to do for holiday baking though :)

  2. I think those restaurants would love to have your photos for their websites. Especially the top one. I would hope e Bro would take you to the airport after all the pet-sitting you've done. He is so lucky to have someone he can trust while he is gone.

    Funny how everyone wants to know what your baking agenda is;-)

    Looking forward to the Delilah pics.

    1. Haha thanks! Believe it or not they are just very quick iPhone pics! I don't like making a big production of taking photos in restaurants so the fast I can do it the better! He is a good brother and I don't mind watching the babies. I love my cuddle time so I'm very happy to do it! Although it is a lot of work to take care of two dogs, two cats a fish and a crab (as you know very well!).

      Haha I know!! I need to get back into it! I don't bake much because I don't really eat it but I guess I can start figuring out my holiday baking or candy making :)

      Delilah was the cutest this Halloween!