Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Orlando Vacation!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I didn't do my monthly favorites post this month but I was in Florida on vacation through last night (May 5) and didn't have time to put it together before I left! I did try my best to at least take a few pictures of my trip so I could show you all what I've been up to on my vacation and here I am to share them! I had an amazing trip and was able to spend a lot of quality time with my best friend :) We had a good balance of relaxing and going out and enjoying the gorgeous weather and everything Orlando has to offer.

Without further ado, here is the recap!

So first I thought I would take a picture of the view out of my bedroom window so you could see how pretty it was. I couldn't open the screen so sorry about that!

The weather was so amazing and I would open the window overnight for an amazing breeze while I slept. I would wake up much earlier than my friend but I had this adorable guy keeping me company every morning!

A curious little guy :) And so handsome!

Shen asked for a lizard picture and I was happy to oblige! I made sure to get the crazy blue sky and palm tree in the picture as well ;)

We had a very mellow day on Saturday and then Sunday was very busy! We started off by going to brunch (more on that below!) and then went to the Orlando Farmer's Market at Lake Eola. I LOVE this market, it is HUGE and there are so many different vendors! After we stroll through the market we always take a walk around the lake as well. 

This is the view of the Farmers Market from across the lake. I really love this market, they have so many amazing and talented vendors! If I had more space to pack things I would have purchased quite a few things! Probably better for my wallet that I didn't.

This is just a pretty view of Downtown Orlando from the lake. Look at how blue the sky it! They day was PERFECT. It was literally 82 degrees with crystal clear blue skies every single day of my trip.

Here is a closer shot of the fountain. So beautiful.

Later that day we went to Universal Citywalk to walk around and to do something different than what we always do. It was so much fun! We didn't go into the park but we perused the shops and again soaked up the beautiful weather. I had to get the obligatory Universal globe picture since it was right in front of me :)

On Monday we did some shopping and once again, it's probably a good thing that I didn't have enough space to bring things home because my poor wallet would have suffered ;)

I did remember to take pictures of some of the food we ate! We had quite a few meals at home as well as a few restaurant meals. I didn't photograph everything but I did photograph a few of the meals.

This is a terrible picture of an absolutely DELICIOUS meal. I really highly recommend trying this one, it is so good! This is Pasta with Creamy Sun Dried Tomato and Mushroom Sauce and I highly recommend trying it! So amazing.

I knew I wanted to pick up a watermelon and made sure to do so when we went to Trader Joe's to go shopping for food for the weekend. This was a really great watermelon and was a really refreshing snack when we came home from being outside in the hot sun.

As I mentioned above, we went to brunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen before heading over to the farmers market and I enjoyed this glorious plate of beige vegan deliciousness. This is the Breakfast Burrito and it has potatoes, tofu scramble, faux sausage and is smothered in an amazing gravy. I couldn't finish it but oh man did I enjoy every bite I could get in.

Keeping up with tradition from previous visits we found ourselves at Loving Hut for lunch one day. As always it was incredible. We both had the exact same meal. We started off with the small wonton soup which is pictured above. It was a bit more cilantro-y than I remember it being in the past but it was still pretty tasty.

We also both enjoyed the "Combo #1" which includes yellow rice, a summer roll, tofu in mushroom sauce and a steamed cabbage and carrot salad kind of thing (which is amazing!). It was such a delicious meal and I get it pretty much every time but it's just too good.

Finally, here is the sunset out of the airplane window yesterday as we were taking off. It was really pretty so I decided to capture it :)

So there you have it! I feel recharged and refreshed but also like it went too quickly! It was amazing to catch up with my best friend and I miss him already!

I'm going to try really hard to get some more food posts up in the coming weeks! I've pinned a ton of new recipes that I really want to try and I will try really hard to get on here and share the results with you. Truthfully after spending 8 hours at work editing pictures and staring at a computer makes it really difficult for me to feel motivated to stare at a computer and edit pictures when I come home but I'm going to try to make an extra effort to get more posts on here.

I hope you are all doing well!


  1. Thanks for the lizard pic. I love those little guys and am so jealous of folks that have them around.

    Guess you brought your work camera cuz all the pics are very professional. You friend must be happy with the Tabby pics. The WonTon Soup looks so great, you have convinced me to pick up a quart this weekend.

    Do you and your friend cook together or take turns? So glad you had another successful trip. I enjoyed the recap and recipe link.

    1. Haha no problem! There weren't that many this time so it almost didn't happen!

      Nope, all pictures taken with the iPhone! They are edited with Instagram filters which is why they seem like a better quality but everything is taken with my phone. THe soup is nice and light, I think you'll like it!

      I cook everything when I visit. We had a third friend there for the meals too and he is far more picky so that made it more difficult but I made some changes and it seemed to work out.

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Hmmm...did you photoshop the Lizard onto the pic? Oh well, cute little bugger either way.

    3. Haha I'm entirely too lazy to add a lizard into the pic... You can't edit things into pics on Instagram even if I wanted to :) the extent of my editing is basically brightening and adding contrast. Otherwise I can't be bothered :) maybe one day I'll post a side by side of an original and edited pic.

  2. What a wonderful trip!! It looks like perfect weather, delicious eats, and great adventures were had. I bet it was the perfect escape from the northeast! I still hope to get down there before the year is out, but it's just not going to happen this summer.

    I miss your posts, but I understand that it is similar to your work! As long as we get a peek every now and then... :)

    1. It really was an amazing trip! The weather was insane! Cool and breezy at night and warm and sunny during the day. It was exactly the vacation I needed! I hope you do get down there, it's such a fun time!

      Aww thanks, I'm really going to try and post more regularly. I've found that photographing with my phone and doing minor editing with Instagram is much better than dealing with the camera and the editing programs and card readers and blah blah, ha!