Monday, March 9, 2015

Love, Sarah

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well and surviving the cold and snow. We had a lot of snow last week and the piles are getting bigger and bigger. It seems the end may be near as we are going to see temperatures in the high 40s and 50 this week! It's so exciting!

Anyway, I'm here today to share something with you that I've been working really hard on. It's my jewelry. I have my Facebook page set up and I am so excited to share it with you. I have two different kinds of jewelry listed and a lot more in the works!

I've decided to call my business "Love, Sarah." I make each piece of jewelry with a lot of care and love and I love how it sounds like I'm signing a card, because in a way, I am. If you are interested in checking out my page you can click here! If you have Facebook and feel inclined, please click the "Like" button, it will help me out a lot!

Here are a few samples of some of the jewelry I've made!

First up are the glass pendants. They are $25 each. They can be customized with whatever shape, color and design you like best!

This is my Green Galaxy Pendant. I LOVE this pendant :)

Champagne and black with a little silver glitter!

This is my "Faux-pal!" It didn't photograph so well but it shimmers blue and red in different angles and is very reminiscent of an opal!

Purple Galaxy pendant!

I've made quite a few Clay Pendants but I'm just going to share two with you here. You can click the link to see the rest ;) They are $15 each and you can customize the colors!

Lavender and majenta.

Red with black!

Thank you all so much for your kind words in my last post! I hope you like what you see! Everything I make is customizable in terms of color and design :)

I hope you all have a great day! Enjoy the warm weather! ;)


  1. Pretty!! I especially love those clay ones and that purple sparkly one!!

  2. There are no prices. Is this one of things where if you have to ask, you cant afford it?

    1. Haha sorry they are on the Facebook page! The clay pendants are $15 and the Glass pendants are $25. I don't think that's terrible? I hope it's not terrible, ha! I'll edit the post to make the prices more clear :)

  3. So cool!! I love "Love, Sarah"!!! You are so talented!!

    1. Thank you Ingrid!! This is the first time I actually genuinely loved a business name I came up with :)

  4. Congrats lady! Love the name and the pieces. Best of luck <3

  5. I love the name!!! Good luck on your creative endeavor!