Monday, January 5, 2015

Grocery Haul and Other Fun Stuff

Whoa, two posts within a few days of each other?! Baby steps here my friends :) I can't pat myself on the back too much as this is actually a partial grocery haul. Want some real talk? I had put away most of my produce before I thought to take pictures and was just too lazy to take it all out. So, here is a partial grocery haul. It's better than nothing I guess!

This is a collection of groceries from three different stores: Target (just two or three items), Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

Suja Essentials juices seem to be all the rage here in the blogosphere lately (thanks for the recommendation FF and Shen) and I had decided that I wanted to try and get some when I went shopping this week. I should mention as a side note that I've been battling a nasty cold for the past 10ish days and as a result I've had insane fruit cravings so these juices were definitely on my radar. Anyway, they seem to have juices and smoothies and the four that I chose all happen to be the smoothies. The two on the left (Sweet Beets and Berry Goodness) were on sale at Target 2/$5 so I grabbed them and then I found the other two flavors at Whole Foods. I really wanted to try those two and I was happy that they had them. These bottles are smaller than the juices and are less expensive in general. I'm planning on bringing them to work and drinking them as a midmorning or afternoon pick me up. I'll let you know how they are when I try them! I want to try the juices as well. The "Purify" one sounds really good.

These are some snacks I thought would be yummy for work. Like I said, I've had random fruit cravings so I grabbed some fruit leathers and I got a few of my favorite Coconut Cream Pie Larabars. In the top left corner I have the Garlic and Herb Roasted Cashews and these are probably the best cashews ever. I know I've posted them before but I can't say enough how amazing these cashews are.

Oranges, pears, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, miso and avocados.

I also had a few photos hanging out in my phone from last week so I figured I'd share those with you as well!

My brother sent this picture to me of Delilah wheeling her light up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles suitcase around the airport. I can't even deal with how quickly she's grown. She is so cute. And clearly she is on a big superhero kick. Spiderman is her favorite, the Ninja Turtles are a close second :) I love it, I was a big Ninja Turtles fan when I was a kid!

Here is TJ being adorable! The two pups were so cute, they always wanted to be cuddled up. TJ is too cute, he is always crawling all over me and getting in my face. He's too funny.

My friend and her husband came over for dinner one night while I was at my brother's house and it has become a tradition that we will drive around and look at Christmas lights. I know I will probably sound like the worst Jew ever by saying this but I really love Christmas. I love that it is so festive and there is just an amazing feeling that comes with the season. Anyway, we always like to drive around for a bit and look at the lights so we hopped in the car and some of the decorations we found were so cool/crazy I had to take pics!

First I clearly had to show off the Jewish pride here with these cool dreidel decorations. They were so cute!

I don't know if you can tell the scale of this Santa but this guy is HUGE. That tree next to him is a GIANT tree... I'd say he's probably a few stories high. 

Another GIANT Santa lawn ornament. I feel like this one is more cartoonish and definitely cuter. We couldn't believe how big these two decorations were!

So that's all I have for you today! I just wanted to get you caught up on the few pics I took at my brother's house. I have a few things lined up for the next couple of posts and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you. I hope you are all well and that going back to work hasn't been to traumatizing for you!


  1. Oooh, those juices/smoothies look awesome. I'll have to check Target here. I've been super-impressed lately with the awesomeness that Target has been carrying. They sell the Sweet Earth burritos, and they are SO GOOD!

    1. The juices are so good! Definitely worth a try and they have tons of great flavors! Target has definitely been stepping up their grocery game lately! Very impressive!

  2. That pic of Delilah with her suitcase is so adorable. Same wih T.J. Cant wait to hear how you like the juices.

    1. I love the juices so far! The 24 karat one was especially delightful! I'm going to have to make it myself :) I love that picture of Delilah, it's so crazy how big she has gotten! her suitcase is pretty badass too :)

  3. What a great deal on the juices at Target! I've tried Suja before, but always seemed to remember them when they weren't on sale! What are your plans for the miso?

    Delilah is just precious, and I can't believe how quickly time flies! And TJ, what a cutie. I'm sure Tyler loves having a snuggle/play buddy!

    Unfortunately I missed it this year, but I love the magic and lights of Christmas! Very uplighting and wonderful to see!

    1. I am so glad I found the juices there and then the other flavors I wanted at Whole Foods! They have been really yummy so far. I'm going to make some miso soup eventually :)

      I can't believe it either! She's so big. TJ is bigger than Tyler but Tyler makes sure TJ knows who is boss. TJ is so goofy and just loves attention and snuggles. I love cuddling with them.

      I know, I'm so sorry you were so sick! It was so nice to drive around and see the fun decorations. My brother's neighborhood goes all out!

  4. The Sujas look great; the orange one especially sounds very refreshing. I've been craving fruit a lot lately too - I bought two grapefruits on sale that I'm excited about.
    Haven't seen those herb & garlic cashews, but they sound amazing. Will have to keep my eyes peeled.
    Very cute photo of Delilah, but I really love TJ in the sun!

    1. The orange one was the first one that I tried and it was so delicious! I've been loving my fruit lately, it's so yummy.

      The cashews are probably the best seasoned nuts ever. I find them in the bulk section at my Whole Foods. I hope you can find them because they are incredible!

      TJ loves lounging :) He'll make himself at home anywhere, ha!