Friday, August 22, 2014


Hey everyone. I'm happy to say that TJ is doing better. We aren't 100% yet but the last two days haven't been as stressful as the first five. Last night was Tyler's turn for the meltdown as we had a thunderstorm with crazy lightning so he was very afraid and needed to be coddled at 12:30 am. Such high maintenance little pups but looking at their sweet faces melts my heart every time :)

Speaking of which... I figured you might want to look at their cute little faces.

You all know sweet little Tyler. He's so freaking cute. Here he is all burrowed up in the pillows. He is such a cuddle bug.

Can you deal with this face?!?!?! I can't! Sweet TJ, he's so stinking cute. Such a sad face for a pup with so much personality. Now that he is feeling better he is much more active and has so much more energy and is much more playful. He's definitely on track and it makes me very happy.

I just included this because I thought it was also so cute! Amongst all of the craziness I did get to use my bath bomb from Lush. I had the "Fizzbanger" bath bomb and after my bath I found this lone piece of confetti in the tub. It was hidden in the bath bomb and I thought it was so cute! I definitely recommend this bath bomb, it smells incredible and the bath was so luxurious and relaxing. 

That's all for today. Unfortunately with the craziness of the week my plans of eating all raw didn't go exactly as I had hoped and I haven't been able to take pictures at all because I'm basically on the run at all times it seems. I'm going to try and get some now that the work week is coming to an end.

I hope you have all had a good week! One more day until my weekend!


  1. I'll continue to keep TJ in my thoughts! Poor little guy!

    Tyler is such a cutie; I'm sure he loves having his favorite Aunt Sarah - spending time and cuddling him!

    Hooray for pamper time! It sounds like an amazing experience, and I love that confetti comes out of it!

    I hope your weekend arrives quickly!!

    1. Thanks, Ingrid! He's been doing much much better. He definitely has his energy back although he's a bit more aggressive. I don't know if he's playing or actually being aggressive but if he's playing no one else wants to be a part of it, ha!

      I tried to give Tyler his equal time! I think he misses getting all of the attention, he was the first baby and they've expanded quite a bit in the last few years! He got lots of snuggles. he's a good boy.

      How cute was that paper?! I love it. THe bath felt really great and I was glad that I was able to take that time for myself.

      Thanks! I've been running around like crazy but I'm definitely going to relax the rest of the day today :)

  2. Those little boys are insanely adorable. I would be tempted to take them in the tub with me. Such a fun little note from the Lush people. One of these days I will get my new tub and use my Lush bath bombs. Thanks for taking time out of your hectic week to share those faces.

    1. Aren't they?! TJ actually got a bath the day I got there... but not for fun, ha! They are so stinking cute, I can't even deal. A good tub is crucial I think. I can't wait until I have a glorious tub for more frequent baths. One day!

  3. Aw, sweet little boys. I'm so glad to hear that TJ is doing better! I hope he reaches 100% soon. Animals should never have to deal with being unhappy or unhealthy.

    That's great that you enjoyed the bath bomb. I can imagine that it helped to melt some of that stress from the week!

    1. I agree, it is so heartbreaking to see an animal suffer. He has been doing great lately so I'm really happy he will be feeling so much better when his mommy, daddy and sister come home :)

      It was really great! It definitely helped with the stress :) I can't wait to try out more of their bath products!

  4. Cute puppy faces! OMG!!!!! So glad TJ is doing better. And LOVE Lush!! We used to have a Lush store here, and I was so spoiled. But they closed it down, and now I have to order stuff so I never do. :-(